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Undead Invasion 1.0beta10 Released

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The tenth iteration of Undead Invasion is now out; the game now includes 22 levels, 3 heroes (with a wide array of different abilities and units) and a fair assortment of fiendish enemies.

The game uses graphics and animations created by the talented Reiner Prokein, who very kindly makes his work freely available.


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  1. 09269975954

    Thanks po

    Posted on

  2. 09269975954

    Thanks po

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  3. shifty five

    played this game on holiday got every hero to legend and finished all the quests and the new one ambush was a bit to easy though and the new enemies maybe should of got more detail, good level though.

    Posted on

  4. shifty five

    very nice :D

    Posted on

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